Below is a piece created as a thank you present to the Abercarn Bowls Club, for their support through my cancer treatment and the fundraising they achieved for Cancer Research 2012/13. It is an example of a less layered typography print.

I have included below some example of my typography. This is a careful process of layering images until the final image is achieved, this can go from 1-100+  layers depending on what is included and the final effect the customer desires.  This is a time consuming image, hence the higher cost than the others due the man (or woman) hours put in to the image.

Photography for these prints can be arranged for a small fee to cover travel expenses.

A4 are photo prints but larger images are printed as quality  poster prints (A3/A2/A1/A0). 

For commissioned prints please contact me to discuss how many images, personal interests and text that you would like in the image.   Prices start from  £30 for the smallest size (A4)  and priced as per images included/text and whether or not shared copyright is requested. 

You can do this by messaging me on Facebook , email, or call 07712-420509 

(leave a message with your name and request and I shall ring you back asap as I do not answer unknown numbers due to sales calls).