My Personal Projects

Diving into Scannography 

In this corner of the site you can find my ongoing experimental projects.

A couple of years ago I decided to create a project where I acquired an everyday object that is discarded after use and create an image that took it completely away from its original purpose. 

This is where my journey into the unknown started.


 After raiding my house for anything that was broken, shoved in the back of a draw or in the office bin. It was time to figure out how to scan a 3D object with a 2D scanner.  After much head scratching and brain aches and numerous fails, the system was in place.

My method  was as far away from glamorous as you could get. An upside down office bin with 2 quilt cover over the top worked! once mastering placing the items on the glass and setting up with out moving it, the first images were created ( some of these in gallery below). 

From there the images started to take shape into surprising effects and the images took on a life of their own. what was scanned would have a certain glow about them, or a gridded effect on closer scutiny which is caused buy the movement of the scanner.

Another interesting change  was the way certain plastics changed colour under the scanner beam. as you can see from the images below. 

This is definitely something I shall continue to experiment with. 

Here you can find part 1 of the Recycle Collection created by standing an empty drinks bottle on the glass of the scanner.

Here are some more images of normal things you can find in your drawer to make interesting shapes with 

All of the images on this page are available for purchase, prices on request,

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