"Crystal Clear" Capturing a moment in time.

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  The "Crystal Clear" project was based upon an idea I had at University doing my BA in Photography.  With just the heading "Space" to create a series of images I didn't want to think inside the box.  

Refraction is something I have always been interested in, so I decided to take it one step further with the help of an acquired crystal ball. The images were taken from locations from around Britain.

This has now become one of my signature print series, and has been received well by the viewers. It is interesting to hear their thoughts on the images, as well as their questions on the technical aspects.  I am looking forward to evolving the idea when I get the time.

There are now many Crystal Clear Images hanging on walls, and encouragements from clients to create more has been fantastic.  So watch this space later in the year, you never know their may be some new ones for you to collect!
To order one (or the digital complete collection) of these images please visit the Buyers Area